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  • GoldPoint are rewarded for purchase, reviews, posts, create account and other promotional campaigns.

    How to gain  GoldPoint

    For purchase reward, GoldPoint are issued to any purchased order, shipping fee excluded, at the rate of 1 dollar to 1 point and only integral amount is accounted. -For example, an order of $11.99, $10.00 for items and $1.99 for Registered Air Mail + Tracking Number shipping, you will get 10 points for the purchase. 

    For review reward,
    GoldPointis issued to confirmed reviews.
    Depending on the quality and quantity of the reviews, customer could get, 
      Text review: 10 points

    Please note that though we are glad to see reviews from any visitor,
    to see more.

    Using GoldPoint
    On checkout page, you can redeem
    GoldPoint to reduce order price. You can redeem GoldPoint as much as 50 percent of the order amount. And for an order partial paid by GoldPoint, the redeemed price would not be issued GoldPoint to. -For example, the order total you have placed is $2, you can pay for it with 200 GoldPoint.

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