LKV328 USB to VGA Converter
  • LKV328 USB to VGA Converter
  • LKV328 USB to VGA Converter

LKV328 USB to VGA Converter

Product Features and Specifications
This USB to VGA adapter converts USB to a VGA outputvia USB2.0 port, It’s the first USB to VGA converter which can be compatiblewith both MAC and Windows operating system and it’s also the only one which cansupports MAC Snow Leopard 10.7 and Windows 8. The device supports displayresolutions of up to 1600*1200. It shows new USB converter’s excellent qualityand maximizes computer’s function.


Functioning as a USB External Graphics card

You can connect moredisplays (up to 6) via USB port without taking apart your computer to install anew video card. All CRT and Flat-Panel Display are compatible and all majoroperating systems are supported;

6 monitors are capable, Mirror or Extend up to 6displays

Create multiple (up to 6)displays to your laptop or computer quickly and easily.  Mirror one picture to several displays (up to6) or extend them on different screens which are not affected by each other onsome aspects, such as: operating and picture quality..

Say Goodbye to Poweradapter

With the latestenergy-saving technology, the power consumption is as low as 1W, it can powerfrom USB port, let’s say goodbye to power adapter easily and make theenvironment better.

Ultra-low system requirement

This converter applies brand-new technology andminimum system requirement is CPU 1.2G, 256M RAM which is not a problem formajor computers. CPU occupation is less than 10%

Diversified output modes

It can be extended to above, blow, left, right andalso support different show effects, such as: mirror and over turn and so on.(Some show effects depend on your operating system.)

Full compatible with MAC and Windows

This converter is the firstUSB to VGA converter which can be perfectly compatible with both Windows andMac computers, Supports almost all the operating system and their differentversion.


  • USB 2.0

VGA Resolution

  • VGA Resolution:640*480@60 up to 1920*1080@60

System Requirement

  • CPU 1.2Ghz or higher, RAM 256MB or higher;If  media player is used, CPU 2Ghz or higher, RAM 1G or higher is recommended


Driver version

  • ViewSpan version



  • Dimension64 x 64 x 14.2mm

  • Weight0.1KG


The USB to VGA adapter turns a USB signal into a VGAoutput through functional external graphics card, allowing you to use multiple MACand Windows computers to output VGA.  Itcan connect multiple (up to 6) displays based on your computer’s operatingsystem and configuration. It’s widelyused in Multimon TaskBar , single host and multioperationinterface, It  can be connected with computer,LCD TV,  Projector or any displays with VGA port

Document editing:
- Make proposal on one display and refer to therelevant network data on the other to avoid the problems caused by switching.

Brief presentation:
-Connect multiplemonitors to a single computer to create engaging multimedia presentations

- View large or multiplespreadsheets across multiple displays in the office(such as EXCEL)
- Increase productivity byrunning multiple applications on different screens and not need to switch frequently.
- check your email on one displayand work on a document on the other

Graphics editing
-When you use graphicssoftware to design, you can open the references and extend them to the desktopso it’s convenient for production designing and won’t overlap with proofreadingTaskBar.
- Watch IPTV and browseother channels’ Programmes simultaneously  to make sure the wonderful program is notmissed.
- When you play onlinegame, you can also see the strategy guide at the same time.


-Operate the stockand currency market, and browse relevant investment news and analysis report simultaneously,so you can understand the market dynamics and grasp the opportunity easilywithout switching frequently.

-When the complicatedprogram is written, you can extend it to another display to view or modify iteasily and conveniently.



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