RV-430/BT 4.3-inch universal rearview mirror with Bluetooth
  • RV-430/BT 4.3-inch universal rearview mirror with Bluetooth
  • RV-430/BT 4.3-inch universal rearview mirror with Bluetooth

RV-430/BT 4.3-inch universal rearview mirror with Bluetooth

Product Features and Specifications

1. digital high-definition TFT-LCD display, play DVD / VCD or Rear view camera images clearer, more vivid, colorful glory;

2. Built-in Bluetooth: With Bluetooth hands-free, caller number display, manual answering mode, to ensure traffic call things correct;
3. Special optical lens can replace the original car rearview mirror, Rear view camera when the sun strong anti-vertigo, so that a clearer rear view, reversing a more secure;
4. Reversing automatic wake-up Rear view camera system functions, traffic automatically resume audio and video entertainment player, so that traffic safety merger of entertainment and parking, to driving fun and safety integration;
5. Light touch approach control, touch-sensitive technology, quick operation, nice appearance;
6. Can be connected to VCD / DVD / GPS / TV and other video output signal compatibility;
7. Limousine special metallic stent, pure installing electronic products, consistent with the original car;
8. Complete car sound special support, covering all the mainstream models.

1. Show foot size: 4.3 inches. Best for the safe use of Rear view;
2. Displays: TFT-LCD. digital high-definition screen, make the image clearer, more vivid colors;
3. Resolution: 480 (H) × RGB × 272 (V). HD resolution;
4. Display format: 16:9 or 4:3. Entertainment and dual rear view display format;
5. Power: ≤ 2W. Ultra-low power consumption, to ensure products have no fever.
6. Rated Voltage: DC 12V. The original vehicle standard voltage;
7. Video Input: AV1/AV2. Èr video input, AV1 then VCD / DVD video output signal (system default), AV2 connection reversing camera (reversing automatically switch to);
8. Signal format: PAL / NRSC / AUTO. Compatible with all signal formats;
9. Brightness: 250 CD / ㎡. HD brightness;
10. Contrast: 300:1. A clear contrast.

11.Color:Black, Beige(optional)

Reverse use features:
1. Power situation: driving process automatically when reversing from the video AV1 (VCD / DVD) playback screen switches to AV2 (Rear View Camera) screen will automatically return after reversing cut to video AV1 (VCD / DVD) Play screen, so traffic and parking safety compatible recreation;
2. Shutdown situations: automatic start reversing parking detected AV2 (Rear view camera) after the signal and displays the AV2 as the screen, automatic shutdown after backup to make our products more energy.

* Optional camera: visual reversing function to achieve

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